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A person reaching the United States who is unable or unwilling to return to his/her home country may be granted asylum by a showing of past persecution or a well-founded fear of future persecution. Persecution must be based on one of the following grounds: Race, Religion, Gender, Nationality, Political Opinion, or Membership in a Particular Social Group.

The law states that all asylum applicants must apply within one year of their last entry into the United States. An applicant for asylum must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the application has been filed within one year of arrival in the United States. However, there are exceptions to this one year rule. For example, if an applicant can show that there extraordinary circumstances for the delay in filing.

In order to ask for asylum, you may take the affirmative application route or defensive application route. If taking the affirmative application route, you must be physically present in the U.S., or at a land border or port of entry to the U.S. If taking the defensive application route, you may petition for asylum during removal proceedings.

There are several benefits to obtaining asylum. For example, after obtaining asylum, you cannot be removed from the US unless the government can show a fundamental change in circumstances in your home country that would allow for your safe return. Further, you may apply to adjust your status to permanent resident one year after the grant of asylum. Moreover, and in most instances, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can also apply to join you in the US. Lastly, you may be eligible for some public assistance programs.

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