FAEZ LAW is a client-oriented law firm. FAEZ LAW has represented countless clients in a wide range of immigration cases. Our immigration attorneys have a unique and exceptional understanding of the myriad of challenges and issues facing people who wish to immigrate to the United States, as well as new emigres.

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Faez Law Firm is proud to serve clients from around the world, and all over the United States in Immigration matters. Our offices are located in Addison, Texas (Dallas- Fort Worth area) and Oceanside, California (San Diego County). Whether you currently reside in the United States and want to become a US citizen, or you want to bring your family to the US, both the unique expertise and language skills of the immigration attorneys of Faez Law will help make the immigration process as straightforward as possible.

Attorney Vafa Faez immigrated to the US in 1986, after living in Iran, India, and Central America. As an immigrant himself, he is particularly sensitive to the needs of immigrants, and the issues surrounding the immigration process. Vafa started studying immigrstion law while he was a law student and volunteering at the Florida Coastal Immigrants’ Rights Clinic. While volunteering, Vafa was able to successfully represent an immigrant in deportation proceedings resulting from criminal activity. His dedication to immigration law continued. Vafa was also a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Jacksonville, Florida. While volunteering for the ACLU, Vafa focused his efforts on researching immigration issues, particularly delays in the processing of Naturalization applications by people of Middle Eastern origin.

Since starting his immigration law firm, Vafa has assisted individuals in countless immigration issues. He has assisted clients in immigration issues ranging from simple to complex; from providing general immigration law advice, to representing clients in deportation proceedings; from assisting with immigration applications and petitions to, seeking a Writ of Mandamus in US District Court to oblige Federal Agencies to act in delayed action cases.

Vafa speaks Farsi, Spanish, Hindi, and Urdu. Vafa also provides document translation services in Farsi and Spanish.

If you have any immigration law questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced immigration attorneys. As stated, the immigration process is generally not a simple task and, in our experience, is best left to competent professionals with a substantial understanding of the laws and bureaucracy concerning US immigration law such as our staff.

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