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Individuals concerned with US Immigration Law and Immigration to the US as related to Green Cards typically ask the following questions:

  1. What is a Green Card?
  2. What is a Green Card For?
  3. How do you get a Green Card?
  4. How can I get a Green Card?
  5. What is the Green Card Application Process?

These questions and several more will be addressed below.


A Green Card is a essentially your ticket to living the American Dream. While a Green Card DOES NOT qualify you as a U.S. citizen, it brings you one step closer to becoming one. A Green Card is US Government issued Permanent Resident Card. Your Green Card will be proof of your legal status in the US. In other words, a Green Card is valid proof of your legal US permanent resident status.


A Green Card is for several things. Primarily, a Green Card allows you to live and work in the US, and travel in and out of the US--subject to certain exceptions. A few of the benefits of a Green Card are listed below:

  1. Live and work permanently anywhere in the US
  2. Apply to become a US citizen once eligible
  3. Request visas for your husband or wife or unmarried children to live in the US
  4. Get Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and Medicare benfits, if eligible
  5. Own property in the US
  6. Apply for a driver's license
  7. Attend public school and college


Obtaining a Green Card comes as a result of an arguably arduous process. While an individual could accomplish the task without assitance or advice, there are lots of legal nuances that make obtaining and maintaining a Green Card a job best left to experienced professionals. Making a mistake on your application could ruin your chances of ever receiving one. This is where the immigration attorneys and green card lawyers at Faez Law can help. Some organizations hold themselves out as competent immigration consultants, experts, or even specialists. Others condier you nothing more than a pay check. These are not principles of the immigration lawyers and green card attorneys at Faez Law. We are here to make this process as easy, quick, and strainfree as possible. We do this because we come from immigrant backgrounds. We want to help you live the American Dream better than those who helped us. Read more about us in our firm profile.

Nonetheless, you can obtain a Green Card in any of several ways as long you qualify. For example, you could obtain a:

  1. Green Card Through Family
  2. Green Card From Marriage/Visa From Marriage
  3. Green Card Through Work/Visa Through Work
  4. Special Immigrant Green Card
  5. Entrepreneur Immigrant Green Card
  6. Green Card Through Asylum and Refugee Status
  7. Green Card Through Diversity Visa Lottery
  8. Green Card Through Amnisty Proceedings


As stated, the Green Card Application Process can be quite overwhelming and frustrating if you do no understand how things work. However, this is where we come into the picture. Our immigration attorneys pride themselves on carefully preparing and presenting your application to make the Green Card Process as burdenless on you as possible. Feel free to contact us with all of your Green Card questions. Nonetheless, here is a general summary of the permanent resident application process.

  1. The application process is lengthy and complex.
  2. If seeking to obtain a Green Card through an employer, you will not be doing much work. Rather, you will wait while the employer completes the necessary steps. For example, the employer will have to complete a pervailing wage request and receieve a prevailing wage determination from the US Labor Department. The prevailing wage determination informs the employer the wages normally paid to individuals in similar jobs. Then, your employer will need to attempt to hire an American worker for the same position. Assuming that hiring fails, the employer will then file a labor certification on your behalf.
  3. Whether you are seeking a Green Card through employment or though family, be prepared to wait a little longer. Step two for an employment-based Green Card/Step one for a family-based green card is for either your employer or US family member to complete a Visa Petition on your behalf. This Visa Petition is called the Form I-140 for employers and Form I-130 for family.
  4. As stated elsewhere on this site, not every Green Card applicant is given priority when applying. In other words, depending on the category under which you apply, you might need to wait until the people who filed before you have received their Green Cards. This is commonly referred to as an applicant's "priority date." Click the link for a chart on waiting periods by application category.
  5. Now comes the time when you fill out your respective application forms and gather the necessary various documents. Depending on the circumstances, you will follow the procedures related to consular processing or adjustment of status, minus the steps already discussed above.
  6. Also depending on the circumstances, you--and possibly your family memeber--will need to attend an interview either at the US consulate in your native country or the designated USCIS office. During this interview, you will be asked questions and your application will be reviewed.
  7. Next is the momement where you cry tears of joy or sadness; we always hope tears of joy. If everything goes accordingly, and depending on the circumstances, you will receiver either a visa to enter the US or a letter of approval. If things go amiss, you will receive a letter of denial with an explination stating why your application was denied.

If you have any Green Card questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced immigration attorneys. As stated, the Green Card application process is not a simple task and, in our experience, is best left to competent professionals with a substantial understanding of the laws and bureaucracy concerning US immigration law such as our staff. Best of luck. We wish you the best, as we always have and always will.

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